For Black women, it seems like a foreign concept.

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I want to feel safe. That has been reverberating in my mind lately only to be met with the thought, there’s no such thing as safe for Black women. Not at the hands of those that claim to protect and serve. (Arrest the officers that killed Breonna Taylor.) Not among…

There just aren’t enough platforms supporting it.

The R&B community has been in a bit of a tizzy since the comments made by Brooklyn rapper Young M.A. that “R&B music just doesn’t feel the same anymore.” In her tweet from Feb. 24th, she stated:

“ Music don’t feel the same because we barely have R&B, … R&B…

A Realization After Surviving R. Kelly.

Photo: Jay Smith

There will be a million think pieces about Surviving R. Kelly, the six-part docuseries that aired on Lifetime in early January. But I couldn’t help but think of how easily it could have been me recounting stories of being a young woman just trying to “make it” in the music…

Watching the Season 3 finale of Insecure led me back to the thought I’d been having about toxicity vs. “the work,” of relationships and how do we know the difference?

“We had matching luggage and we put in the work.”

This statement was in response to Lawrence (Jay Ellis) telling…

Sanaa Lathan played a role that many of us can identify with.

Along with the first kiss, first dates, and fallouts with friends, what seems etched in the minds of Black women is also the first time they cut their hair. In Black culture, there is an attachment to hair that has seemed to last through generations. At times there are tears…

Ashley M. Coleman

A writer and project manager based in Philadelphia. Working on her debut novel Good Morning Love and tweeting in the process.

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